Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue - Myofacial Release Massage

The type of deep tissue massage I specialize in is called Myofacial Release Massage.

What does this word mean?
1. "Myo" refers to muscle.
2. "Fascia" is the connective tissue or sheath that surrounds the muscle.
3. The "release" part of the name refers to what I am waiting for while applying the technique. I am literally waiting for the fascia to "release" (soften) which then allows me to continue on to the next tight area.

So, basically, when the fascia is "tight," it restricts movement in the muscle and can put pressure on the surrounding nerves that can create pain. This technique softens the fascia, which allows the connective tissue to return the muscle towards its original range of motion ability, thereby taking pressure off the nerve leading to a reduction in pain. And the best part when receiving this treatment is it is not painful like most other deep tissue massage techniques can be!

Here are just a few conditions that Myofascial Massage can help..

Hip Pain Neck Pain Back Pain Shoulder Pain
Postural Imbalances And much more!

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