Towels and RocksRelaxation Massage

Although many people refer to this style of massage as a "relaxation" massage, this type of massage is actually called a Swedish Massage.

This very relaxing type of massage mainly consists of long gliding strokes to stimulate and increase blood flow. In addition, wringing, light to heavy tapping and engaging contact to the tight muscles with movement in the same direction, or in multi-directional, and even circular movements of the muscle fibers can be used to greatly contribute by softening tight connective tissues.

Many people very often experience a substantial calming, tranquil effect after this type of massage treatment. This is an excellent style of massage when one is stressed, or wants to maintain their level of composure. Swedish massasges are offered as a 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour treatment.

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To schedule your Swedish massage session, phone Dennis at (630) 201-5252 now! And as always, remember to drink plenty of fresh water after your massage.


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